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My heart rate isn’t being tracked

Last Updated: Aug 21, 2017 11:16AM EDT

If your heart rate is not being tracked in OMrun, you may have come across one of the following circumstances:

1) My heart rate wasn't recorded for the first few minutes of my run/My heart rate was too high/low in the first few minutes of my run.

Try applying a bit of water
directly on the textile sensors in your OMbra. You will find 2 sensors integrated into the front part of the band and 1 sensor integrated into the back of your band. 

2) My heart rate dropped/spiked during my run. What gives?

Check our sizing guide to ensure you have the right size OMbra.

3) I checked your sizing guide and I definitely have the right size OMbra but my heart rate signal issues still persist! What do I do?

Contact our 
Customer Care department and a representative will be happy to further assist you.

Additional Tips

1) Make sure all 5 snaps of your OMbox are firmly connected to your OMbra.

2) When clipping the OMbox to your OMbra, try squeezing the box from both ends when clipping it on instead of pushing it into your rib cage.

3) Check the App Store to make sure you OMrun app is up-to-date. 

4) Make sure your OMbra is clean. If you don’t wash your bra between workouts, a buildup of salt and body oils can potentially interfere with the ECG signal. 

5) Running with your bra right out of the washing machine can affect your signal. Make sure it's dry before going on your run.

6) Poor adjustment of your OMbra can affect your 
signal. Make sure the band rests directly beneath your breasts and is in constant contact with your skin. Check out our sizing article to make sure you have the right size bra.
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