When does my box vibrate?

The box will vibrate in 4 instances: 

1.  The box will vibrate once if you plug your USB cable into your box then into a power source. This indicates the box has woken up from hibernate or sleep mode and is charging.

2.  The box will vibrate once if you unplug it from the micro USB cable and power source. Wait approximately 5 seconds. This indicates your box has detected a USB disconnection, has rebooted, and is ready for Bluetooth connection.

3.  The box will vibrate once if you double tap it when it is in sleep mode. This indicates it has woken up from sleep mode and is ready for Bluetooth connection.

4.  The box will vibrate twice when it starts recording your biometrics. Once you put on your bra or shirt, wake up the box by double tapping it and clip it to your apparel. Wait about 20 seconds, it will vibrate twice. 

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