My box won't connect to OMsignal

If your box won't connect to OMsignal, it could be due to one of the following issues:

1) The box is in sleep mode

If your box won't connect to the OMsignal app, it may be in sleep mode. To wake it up, double tap it or plug it into a laptop or iPhone wall charger. The box should vibrate once when it wakes up.

Note: The box goes to sleep after 105 seconds if it’s not connected to OMsignal.

2) The box is not connected to Bluetooth

1. Ensure your box is connected to your laptop (make sure you are using the charging cable provided by OMsignal) while attempting to pair to Bluetooth and that it’s been charging for at least 20 minutes. The box should vibrate once when plugged in. 

2. Check that your iOS device is within
range of your box when attempting to pair.

3. Tap Settings > Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth off, and then on again. 

4. Force close the OMsignal app and restart your iOS device. 

5. Tap Settings > Bluetooth and locate your box. Then tap "
i" and Forget this Device. Try to pair your box again. Please ensure you enter your PIN again.

6. Update your iOS device to the latest version of software. The OMsignal app runs on iOS 10.0 and above.

7. Delete and reinstall the OMsignal app. 

3) The box won't charge

1. Ensure that your box still vibrates when connected to a power source. 

2. Make sure you use the micro USB charging cable provided by OMsignal in a laptop or iPhone wall charger.

3. If your box has been discharged for an extended period of time, it may need to charge for up to 2 hours before it is completely charged. 20 minutes of charging should give you enough power to set up your gear and get in a quick run.  

4. When charging your box in a laptop, make sure the computer is plugged into power and not in standby, sleep, or hibernation mode.

5. When charging your box in an iPhone wall charger we recommend plugging the iPhone charger into the wall first, then plugging the micro USB cable to the box.

6. Ensure the connector on the back of your box is free of debris.

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