Which metrics does OMrun track and how are they tracked?

OMrun tracks your basic metrics such as heart rate, distance, pace, duration, steps, calories, breaths and even more advanced metrics such as your cadence, stride length, and breathing rhythm.

  • Heart rate, the number of beats per minute, is tracked through sensors seamlessly embedded in the bra​
  • Distance is tracked using your iPhone's Location Services (GPS)
  • Pace is the time it takes to cover 1 KM/mile
  • Steps are tracked using the accelerometer housed in the OMbox. Because the device is located at the core of your body, steps are more reliable than a wrist tracker​
  • Calories, or caloric expenditure, are calculated by using your height, gender, and weight, as well as your heart rate and activity intensity
  • Breaths are tracked via a breathing sensor discreetly embedded within the fabric of the bra
  • Cadence refers to steps per minute
  • Stride length refers to steps per distance
  • Breathing rhythm refers to how in sync your breathing is with your steps. For more info on breathing rhythm, click here

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